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The first part focuses on creating an educational plan, introducing the entire course offer and further training related to work safety and intercultural dialogue. The second is focused on gaining specific experience in the chosen area.

The project aims at: improving communication skills English, German, Czech , improving communication of their needs, personal time management, planning of events, camps, theaters, games and their dramaturgy culture, knowledge of Czech history and culture, understanding of representative democracy at city level, mastering of selected therapeutic tools, orientation in the social and educational sector, working with a group of people and leading an urban community, improving civic competences to the EU context, mastering the ability to reflect and evaluate own results,critical thinking.

Do you love working on educational projects with children, youth and adults? Are you creative and open-minded? The project was initially foreseen to last three years.

On 23 December , the Addendum to the Grant Contract was signed, which extended the project to 42 months, i. With the signature of the second Addendum to the Grant Contract on July , the project was extended until 31 December The European Commission allocated for the Prague Process Targeted Initiative 3 million euro, which amount was raised in December to 3,6 million euro. Prague Process Targeted Initiative.

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Migration and Development - PP3. Prague inhabitants can contribute themselves by providing ideas of how to modernize the capital, thus forming the face of Prague.

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When implementing the Smart Prague concept, we cooperate with many municipal organizations and companies. Check the smart projects planned and implemented by our partners. When planning modernization of the public space, individual municipal authorities have been working with smart solutions more and more. In , the Capital of Prague decided to provide grants to individual municipal authorities for their smart projects.

The objective of these projects is to improve the comfort of life of the Prague inhabitants utilizing modern technologies and to make the city management easier. The strategic smart projects will contribute to the process, during which Prague should become one of the world innovative cities.

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This category includes projects from the areas of public transportation, big data collections and analyses, electromobiles and energy savings. These projects include, for example, smart furniture installed in public spaces compression garbage bins or smart public lighting , building of a public wi-fi network, applications with practical information about the situation in the capital and many others. Should you have an idea for a smart technological project, which you are currently missing on the streets of Prague, do not hesitate and let us know. We take inspirations not only from the wide public, but also from developers, students and others who partake in hackhatons and other competitions.

Moreover, we also monitor the development in cities abroad, by which we are also inspired.

Heatherwick Uncovers Regeneration Project in Historic Prague | ArchDaily

We assess interesting ideas and, if it is possible, we implement them. From the historical perspective, it was the first grant to these entities, which focuses on the Smart Cities area.

Operator ICT has assessed the projects submitted by individual municipal authorities from the perspective of their compliance with the Smart Prague Concept.

The Prague Project
The Prague Project
The Prague Project
The Prague Project
The Prague Project

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