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It looked like it had never been played, it was as if he put it in a panic room and Jodie Foster looked over it. Rick- who knows, maybe someone will buy it. Rick- People have so much money, 75 for them is a weekend going out.

Speaking of finding, I send you those pics of the Kustoms? I found on eBay , if my wife could ban eBay on my computer she would. SL- Holy fuck, yes you did.

Badass Crater of Badassitude

Rick- I had been looking for awhile and right now we are in the process of getting a shop as we are doing everything online, in a warehouse. I wanna get a shop so customers can come to the store and check out the guitars and we plan on refocusing and changing a little of our direction for as far as dealing with the local scene here.

I really wanna get more involved. But for a long time I have been looking for one of those amps.

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I love the way they look, have such a uniqueness to them and character but I could never find one. Imagine trying to find one from in decent material because a lot are all ripped and over the years I found a few but the guy would not ship them. So I found this guy and he was willing to ship and the pictures do not do the thing justice. When I opened the box I was blown away.

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  • The New Badass In Town!
  • It looks like I jumped in the Dolorian with Marty. We hit 65 miles an hour and went back and picked it up. My grandmother, lives with me is 95 and she also thought it looked beautiful. SL- What guitar have you been hammering through it? Of all the guitars that we make , The Electric End is going to be re-introduced, bring it back next year.

    City Girls - Twerk ft. Cardi B (Official Music Video)

    That guitar sounds incredible. It is light weight, new looking, I love it. SL- How do the designs come to you? I will see something on an old guitar, body shape, will look good with 3 single coils or just a humbucker in the neck, maybe not your classic configuration or a different head stock idea. It all comes down to my lefty issue. As a lefty, I want a cool unique thing, but I am running a business which kind of conflicts because I like all the weird stuff and I came to realize real quick with our very first run of models that as much as I like the weird stuff not everybody likes the weird stuff, for as rebellious as rock and roll is and the guitar players with long hair and tattoos and fuck authority and the leather jackets, which I own leather jackets and when I was a teenager I had long hair and now I do not have any.

    For as bad ass and rebellious as guitar players wanna be they are very traditional with their guitars. It is hard to break away from that because those companies created iconic guitars. They were there when everything originated, the game started. They are Corporations and I think the essence and soul of what they stood for is gone a little bit. It has always been a business to a degree but now it is all business oriented, but they did create the icons you know and those are the guitars that you want.

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    SL- For me, being a bigger guy, I like looking at some different shapes, a Tele on me looks like a Uke. I liked Firebirds , fucking love Pauls on the iconic tip, and really anything with a funky shape, simply the way they feel. It seems like that past few months PureSalem guitars are really on the minds of a lot of players out there. There is the design but the sound quality is so god dam good.

    I am not sure if anything else can be done. You hear about companies using carbon fibered this and all these things. It tunes itself.

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    • Players like to tune their guitars. You want that bond with your guitar. There is a Kessel model that is really nice. If I was a shred fusion guy, I would be drawn to it. SL-Like a Alan Holdsworth guitar. Rick- Yeah, but as far as guitars our take was on a teardrop, heavy, can disdain for days, it was a sleeper model, then it sold out because the psych scene is on the rise. That guitar Pat plays is also going to comeback this year too.

      When we did his, we wanted a heavy guitar and that was an example of a guitar that came out the way we wanted it. SL-Since fucking up my back I watch all the rig rundowns and key in on the weight of guitars now. Have you ever chambered any of your guitars? Everything else is mahogany. It has that shoe looking headstock. It has one single coil and one humbucker in it, like a filtertron style humbucker.


      SL-Those are so beautiful to play. You sent me a pic of the green one and said, these are heavy, I wept for a few days. While talking to Casey, he said the end can handle a shit ton of gain and low end for days. Also, those guitars are cool as fuck to look at.

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      Rick- yeah Casey plays with a ton of low end and my bud Jim plays in Flag of Democracy , an old school punk band with high volume and they never have a problem. SL-You see guys like Josh Homme using semi hollow and other guys; Mario Lalli said he got a guitar that was semi hollow but for some reason it just works. So when coming up with the design, are you thinking of the block, but also the wood used and where to place the holes so the noise is not a distraction? Because if you hear guys playing the End, you would not think it was a semi. Rick- As far as the hollow goes, the block helped so much, and the prototypes were taken care of with the initial launch.

      This has to be credited with the manufacturer as they build fucking awesome fucking guitars. Now I am American, I love my country, I have been a Police Officer for over twenty years, and I think it is the greatest country in the world and has afforded me to do what I am doing now, contrary to what people wanna say this is still the land of opportunity. With that said, there is no way a guy like me who is just some guy following his dream, could start a company like PureSalem and have the guitars manufactured in America. No way, with the amount of money I had to start up, with all the regulations, rules and this and that, no way that a guy like me could have started building guitars in America.

      I went into this blindly and had no real business mindset.

      New Bad Boys For Life trailer brings the action

      I chased bad guys you know; I was chasing cars, and jumping fences when I was a rookie. It comes down to the care, the person that is making it, the quality of wood, hardware, in the end that is what makes a good guitar, not where the machine is located. Now what it boils down to is if the player can connect with the guitar.

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Living in Dialogue. Retrieved 4 January Huffington Post.

      The New Bad Ass in Town The New Bad Ass in Town
      The New Bad Ass in Town The New Bad Ass in Town
      The New Bad Ass in Town The New Bad Ass in Town
      The New Bad Ass in Town The New Bad Ass in Town
      The New Bad Ass in Town The New Bad Ass in Town
      The New Bad Ass in Town The New Bad Ass in Town
      The New Bad Ass in Town The New Bad Ass in Town

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