The Breaking Point: A Story of Betrayal

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People often think about the diseases and pathogens that infect the people, but not the agricultural products. Coupled with drought, American colonization and mismanagement the recipe was ripe for the suffering that would arise. I also wrote an article about the Philippine and American independence day celebrations where I mentioned the June 12 declaration of President Macapagal as our new independence day. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address.

Truth be told: The Story of Betrayal that Followed the Original Philippine Independence Day

Now that the war in Iraq is over, America is finding out how unwieldy is the task of rebuilding a nation torn asunder by war and decades-long rule of a terrifying despot. As our experience in the Philippines near the dawn of the 20th century reminds us, nation building can be a tricky mess filled with miscommunications, misunderstandings, miscalculations and out-and-out mistakes. Over a century ago before there was a country called Iraq, the United States made its first attempt to mold a foreign country with a different set of values and cultural context into the American image.

The war on terrorism has brought us full circle with one of our most loyal allies. This week, President Bush feted Philippines President Gloria Arroyo with a state dinner and promised more military aid in her fight against the Abu Sayyaf terrorists, Muslim separatists and communist insurgents. He wants Iraq to be a beachhead for democracy, which he hopes will spread to the rest of the Arab world.

But if our experience in the Philippines is any indication, it will take more than shipping over a crateload of American government textbooks to create the cultural mindset and institutions that allow American-style democracy to flourish. At the end of the 19th Century the era of empire building was winding down. Much like the present, the economy was in the doldrums and there was a lot of domestic pressure from business and media for the United States to continue its Manifest Destiny overseas.

But by then, the world had been pretty much divided up among the European powers.

R29 Original Series

Spain was just barely holding on to its far-flung holdings, clinging to them with the assistance of the Catholic Church. With holdings like Cuba and Puerto Rico near the U. Congress and the media cried: Remember the Maine. There was likely nothing more to remember than a faulty boiler — but America blamed a Spanish mine. Some historians theorize, the ship was blown up deliberately to push America into a war with Spain, a country on the down slide of its power and influence. It is important to remember this strategy of drawing us into war because it will be used again in just a few months.

Egged on by a vociferous press led by Hearst and Pulitzer newspapers, on April 25, , the United States declared war on Spain. Before Commodore George Dewey and his gunboat diplomacy arrived in the Philippines, Spain had been fighting off the independence-minded Filipinos from Day 1 when Ferdinand Magellan was killed by Muslim chieftain Lapulapu in Throughout Spanish rule, there had been over 30 insurrections by Filipinos.

In , spurred by the firing squad execution of national hero Jose Rizal, a revolt was led by Emilio Aguinaldo that was quashed in By the time Dewey arrived, Spanish soldiers had been driven back to Manila — their last stronghold. Much like the conclusion of the American revolutionary war when George Washington and the French fleet surrounded the British, the Spaniards were besieged by the Filipino nationalists on land and the allied American fleet on water.

Dewey and the U. The Americans sailed to Manila to find the trapped Spaniards holding off the Filipinos. Aguinaldo was encouraged by the Americans to lead the Filipino revolt with the assumption that the United States would support Philippine independence.

On June 12, with the Spaniards still encircled, Filipino nationalists declared their independence after years of Spanish colonial rule. Spanish and American leaders agreed to stage a mock battle. On Aug.

The U.S. Is Now Betraying the Kurds for the Eighth Time

Cuba was granted independence but the U. Mark Twain emerged as its most outspoken leader. But his dream did little to change the anti-imperialist sentiment. A few days before a vote in the Senate, it looked like the Treaty of Paris would not be approved. Now is the time to remember the Maine and the suspicious explosion that sparked the Spanish-American War. A pattern emerges. McKinley gave orders to his generals in the Philippines to commence hostilities a few days before the vote was supposed to occur on Feb.

On Feb.

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Well I thought the best thing to do was shoot him. He dropped.

Distrust: A story of Betrayal (Short Story Completed) - Rebel Photographer - Wattpad

Then two Filipinos sprang out of the gateway about 15 feet from us. I saw that another was left. Well I think I got my second Filipino that time. The next morning President Aguinaldo immediately sought peace with the Americans but Gen. Remember the Maine, indeed. America quickly learned that ruling an empire was no easy task.

The Filipino revolutionaries still surrounding Manila, found themselves battling the Americans. The barrage was intense. Superior American firepower forced the Filipinos to retreat from the major cities but the fighting was more fierce than expected. By the summer, more time than the entire Spanish-American War, American troops had only conquered 30 miles north and south of Manila.

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Combating the guerrillas left American troops weary and frustrated. I can't even have a normal conversation with my wife of 13 years. When I try to speak to her about something that hurt me in the relationship, I get told to shut up. I feel broken, never mind hurt. Visit Dr Eve's website for more. Take a listen to Dr Eve's expert advice and listeners share their moving personal stories:.

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The Breaking Point: A Story of Betrayal The Breaking Point: A Story of Betrayal
The Breaking Point: A Story of Betrayal The Breaking Point: A Story of Betrayal
The Breaking Point: A Story of Betrayal The Breaking Point: A Story of Betrayal
The Breaking Point: A Story of Betrayal The Breaking Point: A Story of Betrayal
The Breaking Point: A Story of Betrayal The Breaking Point: A Story of Betrayal
The Breaking Point: A Story of Betrayal The Breaking Point: A Story of Betrayal
The Breaking Point: A Story of Betrayal The Breaking Point: A Story of Betrayal
The Breaking Point: A Story of Betrayal The Breaking Point: A Story of Betrayal

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