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We specialize in archaic treasures, diabolical tchotchkies, fae artwork, ghoulish garb, and perfume jewelry. We are the licensed creators and distributors of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab propaganda merchandise. All of our items are unique to the Black Phoenix family, and are hand-crafted, so please allow weeks for delivery. That doesn't make up for the other two-thirds of the film that were just abysmal.

Professor Xavier was horrible in this and the writers clearly wrote him off polar opposite of what he is supposed to be in the X-Men movies. The acting, in general, wasn't bad at all and I admire the cast for doing their best with the script they were given. But everything else just fell so flat for me. Andil77 Jun 7, In the hands of the right writer, this might have been a good film. If parts of it hadn't needed to be rewritten and reshot, this might have been a good film. However, what we ended up with is a bunch of scenes that do tell a story, but not a very deep one. And, hey, sometimes films don't have to be deep to be enjoyable.

From the ashes

However, this movie is also trying to tackle some of the moral complexities of the Dark Phoenix Saga. Namely, should Jean, who has been possessed by this force, be held accountable for the events that take place.

X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX - Official Trailer 3 - In cinemas JUNE 6, 2019

And there's no real debate about this in the movie. Some think she can be saved. Others want to kill her, until they suddenly don't.

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And the intent is that they're convinced to save her because of Charles' speech, and it would make sense if Charles had mentioned that Jean was possessed or that she accidentally killed Raven, except he doesn't do any of that. They listen to him because it's the Third Act and the writers need everyone to band together to fight the evil aliens that exist in this film.

The X-Men are supposed to be the ones who want to protect all life, except in the Second Act where they have no problems with people becoming collateral damage. What Nightcrawler does in the Third Act completely flies in the face of the Nightcrawler character. And Jean's big hero moment basically involves mass genocide, which is ironic because in the Dark Phoenix Saga Jean was on trial for her life because she committed genocide.

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By the end of the film, I was numb. I honestly feel that this movie would've killed the franchise, had it not been for the fact that the franchise died when Disney bought Fox. This is such a disappointing end. Boras Jun 10, Kadirov Jul 5, Fking femenism propaganda again, not a single film without dirty political agenda. Unethical, disgusting. This is not acceptable in art. More From Metacritic. We rank every recent Marvel film from worst to best by Metascore.

The 20 Best Movies of So Far. Here are the best-reviewed movies released during the first half of June's top theatrical releases include a star-studded remake of The Lion Find a full list of the movie and TV titles headed to disc in July, Current Movie Releases.

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On the other hand it says my guild reputation is exalted even though I'm guildless. Same goes for the dark phoenix hatchling, I did not lose the ability or right to summon it even though I'm in another guild. So as things seem now, you can still use the mount even after u leave your guild and join a new one. Note that everything on the PTR is subjected to change and may change in a later patch, however with the most recent one as of today, the statements I've made are true.

Comment by arxios This is actually incorrect! Saw a guy today with guild lvl of 14 and riding one of those. Comment by TechNickL when u say completed, is that ur guild or u specifically that completed it? Comment by knight66 The mount look is bugged at the moment, there's no phoenix, is just the special effect that surrounds the phoenix. I created a ticket and the GM said that they didn't know about that bug and that is indeed bugged, and that is not going to be fixed in patch 4. Comment by rapt So how exactly are you guys already exalted with your guild when there is a weekly cap?

Comment by Gizeeh i wonder why they maked the mount, i wonder if this mount is a blessing for ezra,they guy who died some years ago: well nice mount. Comment by Helvira You do not have to be exalted with your guild to buy this. The requirement is that your guild must have earned the achievement: Guild Glory of the Cataclysm Raider.

Comment by Madlax If you think this mount doesn't look dark enough, get your disgusting oozeling out and watch it morph into a near invisible bird. Comment by Thovald No way that this is how the mount is supposed to look like! I mean, why even bother and create a unique texture, if it's going to be almost completely see-through anyway?

Especially with the solid armor-pieces and all this model looks really awkward.

‘Dark Phoenix’ Review: The X-Men Franchise Flames Out

So for once, I think that the response of a GM referring to knigh66's post here actually might be correct! You can also spam A and D alternately to get a constant effect. Comment by 1upgamer I hope they fix this in a future patch, wish it wasnt see through. Comment by Cloudburst One does not simply rein in the Dark Phoenix!

Comment by Thorzon Screw you guys. I think this mount looks awesome. I hope they don't change it. Comment by cstud Sure would be nice if I got guild rep for winning arenas in a guild group.. Comment by Fenitarn9 I see this requires the character's guild to get glory of the cataclysm raider as well as get exalted with the guild. What happens when a level 85 player joins a guild which has already completed glory of the cataclysm raider and then grinds exalted rep with the guild? Will he be able to purchase the mount?

Disney Reportedly Ignored ‘Dark Phoenix’ After Fox Merger and Fired Its Marketing Team

Or does he need to do all the hard modes? If so,I can see the top guilds selling spots for an invite to the guild to players who want to buy this awesome mount. Comment by Varthayn I agree that this mount doesn't look like it should. It's almost like the base solid color model is missing and it's only showing the outer glowing shell of it. I also find it kinda funny that the audio file for when you mount it is the same as if you were mounting a drake. Not sure what the audio is for Ashes of Al'ar but I'd like to find out if this is supposed to be or if the audio should be different.

Comment by Koskenkorva A wild Articuno appears! Comment by anodynex a g bronze drake. Comment by Clordia does anyone else think this mount looks more like a spectral phoenix than a dark phoenix? Comment by Leemesgee guild wars' lolcat race needs to be added to wow next Comment by alyshira I hope the way it currently looks in-game is bugged. I think the phoenix in this vid is the intended look, and if the bug was fixed it would look amazing: youtube.

What's the deal with X-Men: Dark Phoenix? A Jean Grey history lesson - CNET

Comment by Nephora Haven't seen a comment on here about this yet, but I just noticed the cool "effect" that appears under it whenever you're on the ground and you turn. Pretty sweet. Comment by abbuehl Check this mount out in action, World First! Comment by Quepid So question If you have already bought and leaned the mount Even then I will still have to grind all the way to exalted.. But once we start going for herocis that will go slower aswell. I think this is a minor flaw. Comment by Sargeant If you leave guild will you keep it?

Comment by CharliiTheTurtle Anyone who knows if this mount requires exalted rep to buy? Comment by Varemort This item costs g and can be bought from the guild vendor. Comment by Vimn When it starts to glide it's glow dims down to almost nothing, then when it starts flapping it's wings again it brightens up. Also, when you turn while on the ground it makes a fire animation.

The Black Phoenix The Black Phoenix
The Black Phoenix The Black Phoenix
The Black Phoenix The Black Phoenix
The Black Phoenix The Black Phoenix
The Black Phoenix The Black Phoenix
The Black Phoenix The Black Phoenix

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