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Guerrilla Panic. From the ashes of several other projects these four amigos of Guerrilla Panic joined forces with one goal in mind.

Death squads, refugee deals and FARC guerrillas turn 50

To make rockin' reggae with a twist of punk and ska. But more so than anything they just want to engage people with music that tells a story and makes you wanna move your body. Their philosophy you ask? Loading More Year Female Male.

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Happy Hour. New Years Eve. Night Life. Crockett's stewardess girlfriend dies suddenly, and her autopsy reveals ruptured balloons of cocaine in her stomach. As the Vice Squad investigates, they learn she was muling the drugs for a sleazy corporate raider Ned Eisenberg who is setting himself up as the middleman for a major impending deal.

The Vice squad's efforts to bring down a French-Canadian drug lord who ordered the murder of an ADA is stymied by a defense attorney John Heard with whom Crockett has an adversarial history. As the police scour the city searching for the "Crayon Killer", a serial killer who leaves childlike drawings next to their victim's bodies, Tubbs tries to help a teenage prostitute Fiona turn her life around, unaware that he may be closer to the Crayon Killer than he realizes.

Crockett and Tubbs investigate the murder of a teenage prostitute, and a big-time Grand Prix racer Danny Sullivan ends up at the top of their suspect list.

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Crockett strikes up a romance with a French Interpol agent Lisa Eichhorn who is in Miami pursuing a drug-dealing assassin, but Tubbs suspects she might not be who she says she is. After a respected judge Bill Russell sets a ridiculously low bail for a drug dealer, Crockett and Tubbs investigate the man and learn that he owes a large gambling debt to a violent loan shark Michael Richards , who wants the judge to convince his son Bernard King , a college basketball star, to throw his next game. The Vice Squad is assigned to protect a Latin American poet who has been targeted for assassination by both his home country's secret police, who want him silenced, and the anti-government guerrillas, who want to make him a martyr.

Crockett and Tubbs recruit a semi-retired smuggler Gary Cole in their efforts to take down a gang of rich kids who are killing off drug runners and stealing their cargo to resell it. Angelina, Esteban Calderone's daughter, returns and reveals to Tubbs that he fathered her child. However, she also informs him that her half-brother, Orlando Calderone John Leguizamo , is in Miami and preparing to avenge the death of his father. Ira Stone Bob Balaban returns to Miami looking to break a story on American mercenaries operating illegally in Nicaragua , and asks for Crockett's protection from assassins sent after him by their mutual adversary, crooked CIA agent William Maynard G. The Vice Squad's joint operation with U. Customs against a cocaine trafficker is jeopardized when the trafficker frames a Customs agent's brother, a talented Jai alai player Fernando Allende , for a prostitute's murder. Tubbs risks his life when he goes undercover as a prison inmate in order to expose a drug ring being run by two corrupt corrections officers Laurence Fishburne and Kevin Conway.

After Crockett catches a promising high school football player Vincent Keith Ford delivering heroin to a known dealer, he tries to convince the young man to save his athletic career by helping the Vice Squad bring down a teenage drug lord. Crockett tries to get inside the head of a mentally unstable home invader in order to catch him before his crimes turn violent, despite the fact that the last cop who tried that approach ended up in a psychiatric hospital.

Crockett's investigation of a drug ring is complicated by the interference of a Texas Ranger Willie Nelson who has mistaken Crockett's undercover identity as a drug dealer for the real thing. Tubbs' former partner from New York is out for revenge, believing that Tubbs is responsible for getting him kicked off the force, and threatens to derail the Vice Squad's latest investigation when he kidnaps a drug dealer's chemist.

Farc guerrillas: last days of blood in Colombia

The Vice Squad begins investigating an illegal adoption and human trafficking ring after an interdicted Colombian airplane thought to be full of drugs turns out to contain live human infants. While Crockett tries to convince an undercover cop Bill Paxton with a wife and child at home to break off his affair with a prostitute Deborah Adair , Tubbs goes undercover to bring down a violent, drug-dealing pimp Wesley Snipes responsible for stealing pharmaceutical-grade cocaine from a hospital. Crockett does all he can to stop the execution of Frank Hackman Guy Boyd , the man convicted of killing his former partner, after new evidence is uncovered that seems to prove his innocence.

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Dick Wolf Teleplay by: Zito goes undercover as trainer for a young boxer Mark Breland to expose a ruthless drug lord with a passion for the sport, but the investigation takes a tragic turn when Zito's cover is blown and he is then killed by the drug lord's hitmen. Switek is upset when Internal Affairs begins investigating Zito on suspicion of corruption, and sets out to clear his dead partner's name.

Sonny's Guerrillas eBook: Matthew Asprey: Kindle Store

Meanwhile, the Vice Squad attempts to salvage its floundering investigation of the drug lord that killed their comrade. Learn more about Matthew Asprey Gear. Also by This Author. Paul Samael reviewed on on Feb. Sonny Bolisha reviewed on on Sep. Richly told and explored characters, intimate rendezvous and lively dialogue.

A piquant story not overshadowed by the tone of sincere admiration for a world during a defining point in history, brilliantly and faithfully illustrated and brought to life through the author. Told from an endearing personal account that is both salacious and poignant.

Sonnys Guerrillas Sonnys Guerrillas
Sonnys Guerrillas Sonnys Guerrillas
Sonnys Guerrillas Sonnys Guerrillas
Sonnys Guerrillas Sonnys Guerrillas
Sonnys Guerrillas Sonnys Guerrillas
Sonnys Guerrillas Sonnys Guerrillas

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