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Warning calls are not so melodious. They can consist of abrupt urgent sounds or very high-pitched sounds. Usually these warning sounds send Robin intruders away, but sometimes the sounds are ignored. If this is the case, two male Robins may end up fighting with each other. Before male Robins engage in a fight, they first display their red breasts, ruffle their feathers and drop their wings. The Robin defending its territory usually strikes first.

It strikes its opponent with a single blow of its feet or wings. If the fighting develops into something more serious, both male Robins could end up rolling over and over on the ground. While rolling and fighting the Robins try to pin each other down to the ground. The winner sometimes tries to blind the loser or even kill it.

It does this by striking the loser with its feet around the head! Most fights are quite short and only last around a minute, but some fights may go on for hours and hours with both Robins taking a break and then coming back for more! It has been known that some Robins have fought for several days! Male and female adult Robins look identical in their appearance so much that Robins themselves have problems to tell which is male and which is female. This can be a problem when they are looking for a partner. A male Robin often sits on a perch singing songs to attract a female. However, she has to quickly fly away again for fear of being seen as a male Robin.

A male Robin aggressively attacks other male Robins if they invade its territory.

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Eventually the male Robin realises that she is a female and that she is interested in him! Robins start to pair around late December until March and stay together until about August. The male Robin courts the female by bringing her gifts of food. If the female Robin is happy with these gifts, she starts to build a nest.


A nest can be built in many places such as in a hole of a wall or tree, in an open fronted nest box, in a can or pot or even in an old discarded kettle! Nests are dome-shaped and made out of twigs, leaves, moss and feathers. They are lined with grass, rootlets, hair and wool. The female Robin lays five to seven eggs around April. The eggs are non-glossy, white or a pale blue colour and speckled with reddish spots.

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They are about twenty millimetres long and fifteen millimetres wide. The female incubates the eggs for around eleven to fourteen days. During this time the male Robin brings the female food every three hours. The new born chicks are fed and raised by both adults.

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Archived from the original on 1 July Archived from the original on 31 January Retrieved 29 January Archived from the original on 13 April Retrieved 25 March Retrieved 27 January Archived from the original on 7 June Retrieved 8 September Retrieved 14 July Retrieved 25 October Retrieved 28 September Soccer Statistics Foundation. Retrieved 15 July Retrieved 17 April Archived from the original on 7 February ARD Sportschau. Archived from the original on 15 July Retrieved 16 May Because they are so numerous, they are an important food source for predators such as hawks and snakes.

They also help to control insect populations and disperse seeds by eating fruit. Because they often forage for food on lawns, robins are susceptible to pesticide poisoning and can be a good indicator of pollution. Robins have long been considered a harbinger of spring.

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Return to Species List. Size American Robins are inches long with a wingspan of inches. Adaptations Robins will form groups to attack predators such as Blue Jays and snakes. American Robins stand on the ground and use their vision to hunt. After scanning the ground for worm movement, the robin cocks its head to better focus on the worm, then will run over and grab the worm. A robin can easily recognize another robin by the characteristic bright red color of the feathers on its breast.

Diet In nature, the American Robin eats invertebrate animals such as worms, caterpillars, and grasshoppers , fruits, and berries. Reproduction Robins build their nests in trees or shrubs to protect them from predators. Life Expectancy On average, American Robins live about years in the wild.

Robin Foot Robin Foot
Robin Foot Robin Foot
Robin Foot Robin Foot
Robin Foot Robin Foot
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