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Breath of Life (Danna Faulds)

A cloud is a cloud, an electron is an electron, sunlight is photons, a snowflake is a snowflake. None of these things symbolically represents anything other than itself. Three Guanines are not Glycine, they are instructions to make Glycine. Clouds are not built from instructions. They are built from chaos.

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It is impossible to predict what cloud will appear next. It is possible to predict what a creature will look like, given sufficient knowledge of its DNA. You misunderstand. I am not using clouds to model creatures, I am using them to model DNA.

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You say:. The point is that clouds are a randomly generated form of information. The cloud is in fact created from chaos and water droplets as you say and humans can interpret them as shapes that do not have to do with the medium. The same is true of the stars which move in predictable and navigationally informative patterns. In other words, coded information does not have to come from a mind. None of these things can be properly labeled as communication systems.

No offense meant. The idea of Information Entropy and any appeal to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is inherently flawed. These things fuel all the processes of both our cellular and sexual reproduction. We constantly expose ourselves to new information when we eat steak.

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Looking at the universe as a whole, entropy goes up, information is lost, etc. There is no contradiction that implies anything further.

This is classically illustrated by thinking of a person who is trapped in an entirely in a black and white room. As they grow older, they become an expert in the field of color, even though they have never seen it. One day, though, someone tosses an apple into the room, and suddenly their understanding of color transcends anything they had previously known. In this lies qualia. There is no eveidence that any proton, neutron, electron, or any known particle or substance can produce qualia.

From this we deduce merely that there is another substance beyond what we traditionally think of as the material world. I have recently come to the conclusion that, by and large, God intentionally does not reveal himself in scientifically verifiable means. Instead, God operates on a personal level. If God truly desires a relationship with us, he would not reveal himself in a bland and dispassionate manner.

For example, I have had a very clear and distinct vision from God several years back, for which I thank God and consider myself incredibly blessed. It is this vision which has brought me here, even, as in it I received my purpose in directly combating the New Atheism and baseless moral structure that now plagues our society. But it is not scientifically verifiable. But if I earn their trust and show them that I have something real and good, then I will be able to minister to their needs. What we need on offense is good philosophy to expose the poor philosophy inherent in so many modern ideas.

I was very, very grateful to have found this book, and the circumstances surrounding that are rather extraordinary, as well. As I picked it up just yesterday, I discovered that the way had already been prepared in terms of discovering the roots of these modern ideas, and as I read, I could see my own ideas which I had been thinking on for several months — if not years — suddenly unfolding in completion before me.

So anyhow, I highly recommend you pick it up. In it, I think you will find the true battleground where we must fight our spiritual battle against modern ideas. I agree with a lot of what you said except your whole spiel on understanding. To see a color is not to understand it, it is to experience it. Experience does not necessarily equate to knowledge. A sensation or experience is only understood through mutual experiences, not knowledge. For instance, someone who has never felt pain, will not be able to share in a the mutual experience when the idea is expressed, instead he will always have an abstract idea of it.

So I would have to disagree that it is redundant. Next you said that as far as we are aware there is no eveidence that any proton, neutron, electron, or any known particle or substance can produce qualia. I find this a little confusing because qualia originates from your brain, and your brain is made of atoms.

So while an atom independently may not be able to cause qualia, it definitely is responsible indirectly for it. Anyhow, I think you misunderstand me when I say the person who sees an apple understands color on a deeper level. But I hold that atoms cannot produce qualia.

Yes, they are responsible for producing the signal that ultimately gets translated into qualia, but qualia transcend physical existence.

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Computers store information and churn out responses regularly. Hi blind sight I just wonder why does man want to recreate.

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Why do most men or women desire having child. If some people do not believe in afterlife why create life knowing I will have will be gone again forever. Why love someone only to be hurt when you lose them. Ultimately why would you desire to continue living, working, struggling, enjoying what for? I say after life because some people believe there is life after death but may not accept God as the reason What is sciences answer to emotion.

We know be bad can lead to self destruction and good can lead to longevity and peace. Why do most prefer the later. Can you count all the stars or all the sand on the earth. You call it chaos because it can not be calculated by man. What else do assume is chaos because we can not pre determine the outcome. Some things will forever be beyond us while we are here on earth. Would you show the world how to time travel if you ever discovered a way to do it?

Looks like the first two lines there were quoting you, Perry. Check the last comment up the thread. Just got correct you there, Evolution in the neo-Darwinian sense when they had to modify it is random mutation followed by natural selection. However a replicating replicator DNA has to be in existence before it can mutate and be selected for or against.

Evolution has nothing to say about the billions of codons already existent in the first simple cell if such a simple cell existed. Read Mr. I believe I discovered he believes as I do, God uses the evolutionary process in creation. Face it, we may never really know our origins. Yes you are right Dave and intelligent as we humans may seem we are not the most intelligent. We live in a dimension created for us with laws and human limitations, much like a creation we have not been able to built till now. Which serves our causes but does in some manner harm to us too.

Example: We have been so far been able to develop a new world within our world and that is the Cyber World, right!? Anything and everything in this world is created by us too. Do you think that anything which is created in the realm of the Cyber world could possibly think or understand its creator? A creation cannot understand its creator unless or untill the creator wishes. Now God creator has created us humans for some sort of exam. Religion it seems is the only guideline that makes sense. Since God the creator, Imagine yourself as a creator of a world and with set rules and laws, predictions, timelines etc etc….

It is the destructive nature of man which comes from greed and impatience that can never allow the human race to live in peace. What is nature. A creator almost never wants its creation to kill itself or to take over the creator. A scientist if not working to kill its specimen will not want any such occrance to occur. Why would any loving creator do that.

Is God a loving creator or not? God is a loving creator and that he has mentioned in the Quran more so often. It is the choice that makes the difference. Choice comes from within and not from any outer source. There is no such thing as destiny unless you want it that way. Crusades were fought by Muslims for the very peace that they had in their world and they wanted the same for the people under barbaric and currupt rulership. Leaving Islam or Religion aside, God has always sent us messages, for those who want to listen to them or want to know the truth and the whole truth.

Profound: Gods Poetry in Motion Profound: Gods Poetry in Motion
Profound: Gods Poetry in Motion Profound: Gods Poetry in Motion
Profound: Gods Poetry in Motion Profound: Gods Poetry in Motion
Profound: Gods Poetry in Motion Profound: Gods Poetry in Motion
Profound: Gods Poetry in Motion Profound: Gods Poetry in Motion
Profound: Gods Poetry in Motion Profound: Gods Poetry in Motion

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