Naked Truth (Zephyr Ranch Book 2)

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Zephyr Ranch 7. Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Make-Believe , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. All Languages.

Barry LIttleton on The Naked Truth with Kelli Coffee/NASA, Aliens, Soul Catchers, Moon and Planets

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Start your review of Make-Believe Zephyr Ranch 7. Neko marked it as to-read Jun 13, Lucia marked it as to-read Jul 17, Dennie marked it as to-read Jul 17, Dena marked it as to-read Jul 18, Miranda P marked it as to-read Jul 20, Shannon added it Jul 22, Heather marked it as to-read Jul 15, It takes awhile. All I can say, is wow, just wow. All pro-Tulsi posts are from Russia. The moderators who allow pro-Tulsi comments are influenced by Russia. Via the hedge, but it appears tulsi is calling out the war mongerer.

Good for her, now sue her. The russiarussiarussia trope has got to be smothered in its sleep.

This Game of Thrones riff is one of the better responses. Good for Gabbard, say I. Incidentally, Gabbard may face a primary challenger. Let everyone smell the Clinton Sewage at the middle of it all. Let her stink up the joint badly enough that millions of ordinary Democrats come to understand what a Primary Cancer she is and that she and every one of her Daughter Cell Metastasites will have to be destroyed.

Clinton still has a constituency within the Party, and HillaryLand is still an important network. As I said, Clinton wants to be a power broker for Actually, Duke, it was only this bad in the early 50s, when McCarthy was scaring the bejeesus out of kindergardeners and old ladies and unions, too. By the late 60s the war of the worlds had settled into a communications link by red phone to ensure we would not do anything rash. We talked to the Chinese, Russians, Vietnamese after the war there, and our population almost slept through the remaining cold war.

Meanwhile, Hillary rakes in foreign cash and supports a Reagan-era set of policies that made alliance with Gorbachev. Her own party could yell traitor to her. I am utterly astonished that so much effort is spent on attacking Gabbard. By the numbers, she has remained a minor candidate, and the only thing that the continual smearing does is keep her name in the news.

Gabbard, being military herself, with her anti-forever war focus, is arguably the most dangerous candidate to the Military Industry. Yes, she is otherwise a more conventional candidate especially to lower, non-credentialed class Americans, who tend to be more unpleasantly affected by the various wars. Also, she could become a member of the next Democratic administration, which would also allow her to hammer at the filth, greed, and blood that now run the whole war and security industry.

Thinking longer than the next quarter means weakening any potentially effective reformers who do not have to be in the Oval Office. She is much too conservative for me, but if Hillary Clinton, her minions, and their allies are willing to spend so much effort to destroy her, I am putting her on my list of alternate possible candidates to vote for. His nauseating, bullying, buffoonery and corruption are only barely acceptable because of his aspect as less evil than G.

Bush and Obama were and H. Clinton would very probably be. Someone like Gabbard would be an extremely acceptable replacement. I saw the first Tulsi yard sign here in deepest Bernie country the other day. And I have seen maybe 3 Tulsi bumper stickers. Interestingly, they hate Trump but will acknowledge that the Dems are sabotaging him with Meuller etc. Surely old Mad. I took a lot of grief from my friends when I told them I voted for Trump because he was the lesser evil.

I was right then and I would do it all over again. I hope to God she runs again. I voted against her in I voted against her in the primary and I voted against her in November I will gladly vote against her again. Surely we can do better than President Trump. I am a freaking socialist who finds most of the Democratic line up painful to even see. So painful that Trump is almost less unbearable.

Yet, there have been Republicans in the past who I would find more acceptable over most of the current Democratic candidates. I would not want to vote for any Republican candidates mind you, but I seem to recall one or two decent candidates. And there were previous elections with half way decent Democratic candidates. What does it say that every election cycle brings out ever more vacuous, faithless, corrupt, and often morally bankrupt people regardless of party or purported ideology. Political parties grow and change over time and never stay the same.

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They even degenerate and sometimes even disappear. You were talking about Republicans in the past who you would find more acceptable.


Recovery Specialist, Actress, Model, Author Dona Speir Releases Revealing Memoir ‘Naked Truth’

Consider this. Dismissive staff work. Even the competent among them would mess this up. Yes, worried Sanders supporter here. Been plugging Sanders here in Michigan while I go around seeing if people who seldom get to the polls would like to apply for permanent absentee balloting new law. I hate to think of another national election where my only choice will be to vote Green.

Warren, to me, seems like another Obama, who sells hopium only to grease the wheels for wealth and power. Another worried Sanders voter here. Have seen too many elections in which candidates promised to motivate the nonvoters, to be able to place my faith in the idea that a poll-invisible revolution is happening. Is there anyone Gabbard could plausibly hook up with on the right, to form a triangulating 3rd party effort with half a chance? That is indeed to the issue.

See a Problem?

But they are in accurate. But they are political players. But the press is almost completely untrustworthy. But they do commit election fraud. DCBlogger is right, the only way forward for Sanders is to come to the polls in overwhelming numbers. But would we? Any decent investigation into the gaming of the polls? I know that none of the mainstream news media is likely, but what about small investigations? Then again I am taking some statistics next semester.

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Naked Truth (Zephyr Ranch Book 2) Naked Truth (Zephyr Ranch Book 2)
Naked Truth (Zephyr Ranch Book 2) Naked Truth (Zephyr Ranch Book 2)
Naked Truth (Zephyr Ranch Book 2) Naked Truth (Zephyr Ranch Book 2)
Naked Truth (Zephyr Ranch Book 2) Naked Truth (Zephyr Ranch Book 2)
Naked Truth (Zephyr Ranch Book 2) Naked Truth (Zephyr Ranch Book 2)

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