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You will need your vehicle registration, a photo I. Duplicate titles can only be printed for an owner of the vehicle. What can I do? Your automobile dealer will complete your paperwork and send it directly to the County Clerk Office in your county. When we receive your paperwork it is processed and a postcard is sent to you notifying you that your vehicle is ready to be licensed.

If your permit is about to expire and we have not received your paperwork, an extension of your temporary can be issued. Be sure to bring your temporary registration pink slip with you. If you paid cash for your new vehicle, the title and other paperwork will be mailed directly to you. Please bring all your paperwork in when you are ready to buy a license.

Can I use my Colorado issued marriage license in another state? How long is it valid? Colorado issued marriage licenses are valid only in Colorado and are only valid for 30 days. Birth Certificates can be obtained for any birth in Colorado back as far as Can I get a Death Certificate for someone who died in another county? No, you must apply for the Death Certificate in the county in which the death occurred. We can provide you with addresses for other Colorado Counties and Vital Statistics Offices in other states.

Notaries who wish to apply for reappointment will be able to obtain the necessary materials from our website, and renewal forms are now accepted up to 90 days prior to the current commission expiration date. The federal tax credit can be taken over two years. NOTE: This information is provided as a guideline only. Consult your tax advisor for complete information applicable to your situation. Note: There are additional fees added to your tax bill if your property is advertised.

Mobile homes and personal property are also subject to a distraint notice which means the property cannot be moved until the taxes are paid. This notification defines the delinquent property, the amount due, and payment instructions. Distrained property shall not be moved or sold until the taxes are paid. The distraint posting will also generate additional fees which shall be included as "Fees" on the posted notice. Do I lose my property if it goes through tax sale? If the investor who purchased the tax lien at the annual tax lien sale holds that lien for three years following the date of purchase, they are eligible to apply for a Treasurer's Deed.

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If a Treasurer's Deed is issued, you will lose the ownership of your property. The Treasurer's Office does its due diligence to contact property owners during the Treasurer's Deed process. You have the right to redeem the tax lien on your property at any time after the sale until a Treasurer's Deed is issued. Note: Manufactured homes that are located on property that is not owned by the manufactured home owner shall be eligible for a Treasurer's Deed after one year.

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What if I do not receive a bill? You are still responsible for paying your taxes. If you do not receive a tax notice by January 31, please contact the Treasurer's Office, and a duplicate bill will be sent to you. There could be several reasons for not receiving a tax bill: If you have moved and have not notified the County of this, or if you have recently purchased the property. Live Edit Close. Skip to Main Content. Sign In. Show All Answers 1. Will property valuations for tax assessments be changing in Delta County in ? I have read that property values are declining. Will this affect the valuation of my property in Delta County? How will that affect property valuations for ? It seems like a very unfair tax. Why does it continue to be used? The Colorado property tax seems especially inequitable and unfair—especially to commercial property owners. Why is this? Can you estimate my taxes based on the value of my property? Where can I apply for a passport?

Locally, passports can be applied for at the U. Please note that as of January 23, , all citizens of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Bermuda are now required to present a valid passport when entering the United States at any airport as of January 23, Visit the Department of Homeland Security website at www.

Link to State Department How do I register my vehicle in Colorado?

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You will need: Your title if your vehicle has a lien we will accept a photocopy of the title showing lien information or a current out-of-state registration Proof of insurance. How do I find a solar installer? There are various local installers all over Delta County along with some in Montrose and Mesa Counties that may travel to help you install your system.

A list of area installers is located here.

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Can I benefit from the state and federal tax credits? What financing options are available for installing solar? To learn more, check out the RENU website. Colorado C-PACE is a financing tool that allows commercial and multifamily property owners to finance qualifying energy efficiency, water conservation, and other clean energy improvements on existing and newly constructed properties, with repayment of the financing through a voluntary assessment on their property tax bill. Thank you so much for everything. We just closed on our new home last week, using a VA loan.

Shelly made the process simple, and helped us stay on top of everything.

She kept our file updated through our home search, and once we decided on a home, she got us a great rate and, most importantly, made us feel safe with the entire process. She spent many evenings after work hours on the phone with us, walking us through the details and explaining things. We definitely felt like she was in our corner. Shelly Ukkestad and her team were wonderful to work with and were always available and helpful. They supported me through the entire process of purchasing my home and even beyond.

They truly went above and beyond to answer my questions, provided clarifications and made sure I was getting the best rates, etc. I would highly recommend Shelly and her team at Delta Lending.

Darcy saved me! After a horrible experience with Bank of America she assured me she could have my refi closed quickly with Delta. With a super busy schedule she kept me up to date via email and sent me all needed forms to sign and email back. It was a quick and painless process and she was very helpful with all my questions.

Thank you Darcy! Shelly helped us purchase our home a year ago. Shelly is knowledgeable, fast and provided us with excellent customer service. Currently Shelly and Rachel are helping me refinance a rental property I own. They are the best! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or refinance.

Thank you ladies!!! Great company.. Delta Lending is a fantastic company and they deserve the very highest recommendation. I was completely blown away by the level of excellent service I received and how quickly our loan was completed. I have finally found a local company I can trust with all of my real estate financing needs. Wonderful experience working with Shelly and Alicia.

They were on top of it. There was a point that I was overwhelmed with all the back and forth with the paper trail and wanted to just forget about buying a home, but Shelly helped us work through it along with some words of encouragement.

My Home Is on the Delta My Home Is on the Delta
My Home Is on the Delta My Home Is on the Delta
My Home Is on the Delta My Home Is on the Delta
My Home Is on the Delta My Home Is on the Delta
My Home Is on the Delta My Home Is on the Delta

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