Les Lois Supérieure de la Vie (French Edition)

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While the goal of textual unity is to find a neutral term or expression that can make the norm equally accessible to both legal traditions, that of textual duality is to speak to each person in the "language" of civil law or common law with which he or she is familiar. Both these types of questions arise in the context of the Crown Liability and Proceedings Act , as they do for most federal statutes that involve some interaction with provincial law.

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It is this framework that I have selected to outline the observations that flow from this preliminary study of the Act. This being said, before presentation of these observations in greater detail, it will be useful to restate the obvious: the intensity of the relationship between the text and the norm must not be exaggerated. The discussions that took place at the symposium of March 25, , and during the day of work that followed are a good illustration of this. Beyond the commendable political and symbolic objective motivating the review of federal statutes, it would be incorrect to believe that the text and the norm are perfectly interrelated.

As shown in Figure 4, labor cost and size — of those DSOs for which data are available on Amadeus — differ widely across DSOs and their service companies. Compensation is generally highest with the service companies, ranging from 94, to , euros per employee per year. How do these labor costs compare to the energy sector as whole as well as general compensation developments in Belgium and Europe? Figure 4 shows that, while Belgian energy sector workers saw their compensation decline by an average of 2. If one includes also those DSOs for which data are only available for more recent years see note on the unbalanced time series under Figure 4 , the yearly increase amounts to 1.

Meanwhile, real compensation across all sectors of the economy increased by less than 0. In the European average, energy sector compensation increased by 0. It would be interesting to investigate whether this compensation increase is offset by productivity changes or whether it is a consequence of labor force demographics. The most clear-cut application of benchmarking is yardstick competition, a term coined by Shleifer If properly designed, such a scheme provides all firms with the incentives to minimize costs and, in theory, only leaves firms with information rent on the idiosyncratic, firm-specific part of their costs Auriol-Laffont, The traditional form of regulation is the cost-recovery regime — frequently also referred to as cost of service, cost-plus, or rate-of-return regulation.

Under such regimes, firms are reimbursed for preapproved investments, on which they are usually also granted a regulated rate of return, and are generally allowed to directly pass though certain operating costs to consumers. These schemes tend to create a considerable administrative burden because regulators need to closely monitor firms to avoid inflated operating expenditures or unnecessary investments known as goldplating or Averch-Johnson effect.

Due to the fundamental information asymmetry between regulator and firm — the burden of proof resting firmly on the regulator — even well endowed principals tend to find it difficult to induce firms to be efficient in both static and dynamic terms. Here, the regulator determines a fixed reduction X of some base-level price or revenue ex ante. Profit-maximizing DSOs will hence find it optimal to minimize costs. The key informational challenge associated with these regimes is to determine the size of the initial cap — if set too high firms will make excessive profits, if the cap is too low firms may go bankrupt — and how to determine the appropriate X-factor.

Firms are awarded concessions based on tender auctions commonly formulated in tariff levels using a pre-defined task specification and time periods between five and fifteen years Agrell and Bogetoft, While franchise auctions in principle are a powerful tool to bridge the informational gap between regulator and firm, the practical implementation is not trivial as bidding may be collusive, incumbents tend to have an undue information advantage over entrants, and it is challenging to maintain investment incentives towards the end of the concession contract. Last but not least, the asset transition is difficult to organize, especially against the background of partially privatized operators owning the networks who cannot simply be expropriated.

However, tendering off specific investment projects, such as the installation of smart meters or introducing franchise bidding for offshore generation connections as in the UK may be an interesting option. Beyond such spatial or technical service extensions, however, franchise auctions are unlikely to play a major role in electricity distribution in the foreseeable future Agrell and Bogetoft, Implementing such a model in a robust way that is not prone to manipulation by the industry is difficult since the regulator is less informed about best practice, costs and standards than the firms.

The practical operation of the model will thus require extensive biased inputs from the side of the firms. Technical norm models also suffer from the problem of perfect hindsight planning as they generally fail to account for the fact that DSOs have to connect clients sequentially NEMESYS, If properly designed, the mechanism is characterized by undistorted production of the most efficient firm at the cost of allowing for positive economic profits , while distorting production of less efficient firms downwards leaving no information rent to the least efficient firm.

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Especially against the background of the increased uncertainty caused with the ongoing energy transition, the implementation of menu of contracts will thus rarely be feasible in practice. The main tools the regulator has to successfully bridge the information gap are yardstick regimes and franchising schemes, but generally only the former is available in the context of electricity distribution. It shows that, while technically only Norway and the Netherlands have a pure yardstick regime in place, elements of yardstick competition, i.

Such benchmarking methods that draw upon yardstick competition can take various forms. They may be based on a clearly defined methodology that includes mechanic elements.

Les Lois Supérieure de la Vie (French Edition) Les Lois Supérieure de la Vie (French Edition)
Les Lois Supérieure de la Vie (French Edition) Les Lois Supérieure de la Vie (French Edition)
Les Lois Supérieure de la Vie (French Edition) Les Lois Supérieure de la Vie (French Edition)
Les Lois Supérieure de la Vie (French Edition) Les Lois Supérieure de la Vie (French Edition)
Les Lois Supérieure de la Vie (French Edition) Les Lois Supérieure de la Vie (French Edition)

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