Kashmir: The Troubled Frontiers

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The report claims that over 1, people have been arrested, many of whom have been shifted out of state to Indian jails. New York-based global watchdog the Committee to Protect Journalists CPJ expressed alarm at the communication blackout and the arrest of a journalist in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir. Communication blocks have no place in a democracy.

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Since Pakistan and India were partitioned, the two countries have fought three wars — in , and — two of them over Kashmir. Some Kashmiri groups in Jammu and Kashmir have been fighting against Indian rule for independence or for unification with neighboring Pakistan. Thousands have been killed in the conflict in the region since , according to several human rights groups. By the clash over Kashmiri identity and independence had slowly morphed into a religious battle, pitting Islam against Hinduism and drawing religious radicals into the fray.

Islamic jihadi fighters who had fought in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union in the s arrived in the Kashmir Valley and helped sprout a Muslim insurgency against Indian rule. Some demanded independence for Kashmir, while others called for a union with Pakistan. The government of India maintained that Pakistan supported the insurgency with military training and weapons.

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The insurgency has dragged on for more than 15 years, and claims an average of three lives per day. Estimates vary, but anywhere from 50, to , people have been killed during the conflict. According to Human Rights Watch, nearly 85 percent of those killed in militant attacks since the conflict started have been Kashmiri Muslims. While Indian security forces claim they are fighting to protect Kashmiris from militants and Islamist extremists, militants say they are fighting for Kashmiri independence and to defend Muslim Kashmiris from a murderous Indian army.


List of districts of Jammu and Kashmir - Wikipedia

In reality, both sides have committed widespread human rights abuses, creating an environment of fear and distrust. The conflict came to a head in December , when an armed attack on the Indian parliament in Delhi left 14 dead. While Pakistan's promised release of an Indian pilot has eased the threat of a wider conflict, there has been no letup in the Himalayan region divided between the neighbors since Alongside the shelling, which caused widespread damage, Indian forces in Kashmir killed two suspected militants during a night-time clash.

It comes after Indian and Pakistan fighter jets staged tit-for-tat cross-border raids this week, as they wrangled over a bomb attack in Kashmir last month that left 40 Indian paramilitaries dead.

When US fished in J&K troubled waters

India blamed Pakistan, which denied any role, as it does in an armed uprising in Muslim-majority Kashmir that has left tens of thousands dead since Shelling that has been a part of daily life for decades has intensified even as Pakistan said it would free a pilot shot down on its side of the Line of Control that divides Kashmir. Heavy mortar and artillery fire sent inhabitants on both sides of the frontier scurrying for bunkers and other cover.

Villagers fleeing violence in troubled district

One woman was killed and an Indian soldier wounded during shelling late Thursday and early Friday in the Poonch and Krishna Ghati sectors on the Indian side, according to police. Indian authorities told villages to turn off lights to avoid becoming a target for Pakistani gunners. Nowshera, a small town three kilometers two miles from the ceasefire line, was plunged into darkness but gunfire and explosions broke the silence through the night.

Kashmir: The Troubled Frontiers Kashmir: The Troubled Frontiers
Kashmir: The Troubled Frontiers Kashmir: The Troubled Frontiers
Kashmir: The Troubled Frontiers Kashmir: The Troubled Frontiers
Kashmir: The Troubled Frontiers Kashmir: The Troubled Frontiers
Kashmir: The Troubled Frontiers Kashmir: The Troubled Frontiers
Kashmir: The Troubled Frontiers Kashmir: The Troubled Frontiers
Kashmir: The Troubled Frontiers Kashmir: The Troubled Frontiers
Kashmir: The Troubled Frontiers Kashmir: The Troubled Frontiers

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