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Fontenay READ. World Without War E. The Night Operator Frank L. The Point of View Stanley G. Say Hello" for Me" Frank W.

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Coggins READ. Spies Die Hard! Rough Beast Roger D. Aycock READ. Happy Days A.

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Tedric J. Allen James Allen St. John READ.

. English: August Hudler Ecce Homo. 1909. August Hudler. 248 Hudler Ecce Homo

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  1. Homo by Francis Hopkinson Smith!
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  7. Tiger Cat David H. Restricted Tool Malcolm B. Morehart READ. Shock Absorber H. Neighbours on the Green Mrs. Told After Supper Jerome K. Roberts READ. The Cosmic Deflector Stanton A. Security Risk Ed M. Autres Temps The Jupiter Weapon Charles L. If at First You Don't Loomis READ. Trifles for the Christmas Holidays H. Today they no longer exist. Beyond these facts the fate of Neanderthals has generated much debate.

    Theory 1: They interbred with Homo sapiens sapiens on a relatively large scale. Followers of this theory believe that although Neanderthals as organisms no longer exist their genes were present in early modern Europeans and may still exist today. Neanderthals were a sub-species of Homo sapiens rather than a separate species and hence their scientific name is Homo sapiens neanderthalensis. Theory 2: They were essentially replaced by Homo sapiens.

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