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Can you pick the countries of Europe when given their names in German?

Nov, Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Ankara will "open the doors" for refugees and migrants to enter Europe unless it does more to help.

Nov, There has been little substantial analysis, since the Macron veto, of why so much money and effort in the Balkans has failed to result in the political and economic transformation needed to prepare candidates for full membership. Can Sunday's election end Spain's endless deadlock? Nov, Uncertainty surrounding this weekend's Spanish election - the fourth in four years - is rising, as polls suggest that the outcome of Sunday's vote could be as inconclusive April's election.

News in Brief 8. Nov, EU-Singapore trade deal enters into force this month 8. Nov, Commission will not probe Borrell over Catalan tweet 8. Nov, Frontex gets its European border police force 8. Nov, EU Parliament loses funding case against Farage-led party 8.

Franco-German Brigade: A model for European military defense? - Focus on Europe

Nov, US will not impose car tariffs, says Juncker 8. Nov, Merkel disagrees with Macron on Nato 7. Nov, Migrants in Malta transferred after EU deal. Should the U. Government make a renewed application for an extension of the Article 50 deadline, it must be clear how the United Kingdom intends to find a route out of the looming no-deal disaster.

A tenacious uncertainty continues to plague the economy. Dieter Kempf expects more courage from politics in Germany. The task of the Grand Coalition is far from finished.

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Europe must stick to the course it has taken. Further trade and investment protection contracts should not fail. The European Union and Germany both face growing challenges posed by China and its state-led economy. If that happens, Germany is unlikely to have a stable government until the summer, at the earliest.

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In the meantime, Merkel would continue to lead a caretaker government with the Social Democrats. While some have speculated that France could take the lead in Europe , that seems unlikely, given the outsized importance Germany has in the bloc. Germany has been under pressure to engage with France over a series of reform proposals for the single currency area put forward by President Emmanuel Macron.

Macron has been eager to use the momentum after his May election to reinforce the architecture of the eurozone, which most policymakers agree is in sore need of repair. Securing such a deal with Germany would be difficult even it had an empowered government. For Schelling, the absence of German leadership hits close to home.

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The election is scheduled for December 4 but may now need to be delayed because of the political situation in Berlin. In the U. Others have suggested the political situation in Berlin will have little impact on the negotiations.

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  • While Merkel has staked out critical positions on both fronts, it will now be difficult for her to take any decisive action. Schulz, who spent most of his political career in the European Parliament, may be forced to give in.

    A European Germany, not a German Europe

    But with pressure from both within Germany and outside it, Schulz, who spent most of his political career in the European Parliament, may be forced to give in. Log in to access content and manage your profile. If you do not have a login you can register here. Playbook AI: Decoded.

    Is Germany too powerful for Europe? | World news | The Guardian

    Relations with Russia and the Western Balkans must change to ensure lasting stability. Tehran is running secret nuclear facilities, say officials. New members know how valuable the alliance remains, incoming European Commission chief says.

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