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The key to successful church planting is based on a deliberate effort to begin a new church with all its ministries. There must be an intention to plant a church with the purpose of evangelizing an area and fulfilling the command of Jesus Christ. Intentionality leads to strategy, and strategy leads to plans, dates, locations, and activities.

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The Bible must be the guiding source for doctrine, strategy, polity, and even church life itself. Because the Bible has life and gives life, any church endeavor that is not based on the Word of God will not have life, nor will it have any long-term results. The Bible gives purpose and direction for the new church. In the s, one of the greatest church planting sources was Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. The president of the college, Dr. The strength of the new church plants depends on the total life and ministry of its leader. If the leader is committed to evangelism, the church will probably be evangelistic.

If the leader is committed to Bible knowledge and teaching, the church will be a strong great Bible center. If the leader is great in exhortation and motivation, the church will be motivated to serve God. If the leader has the heart of worship, the new church will be a worshiping church.

Urban Church Planting - Eric Mason

The new church will grow according to the leadership seed that is planted. The growing edge of any new church is first the leader or leadership team, and then lay people will carry out the ministry. Obviously, there must be a great leader to lead great churches. But great leaders can never do it alone; they must delegate and recruit other leaders to serve with them.

The reliance upon lay leadership will ensure that the new church will succeed because out of it will come the growth and multiplication of ministry, evangelism, abundant life, and maturity. The secret of a great future for any church is when it plans to start another church like itself. He did the same for animal life and human beings. The first church planters were laymen.

Planting Churches Together

The next wave of church planters were Barnabas and Saul, who were sent out from the Antioch church see Acts The exponential phase of reproduction began when new churches began themselves to plant other new churches. The wonderful thing about new churches is that they are unencumbered with nonessential elements.

It seems that the longer a church exists, the more programs, organizations, and committees it finds and uses. We must evaluate things that are added to the church that are not vital yet contribute to its ministry. Space is necessary in new facilities, new programs give new life, and new officers and workers add abundance to the ministry. Every seed that is planted must grow into a healthy plant before it can produce a harvest. A key characteristic of an authentic church planting movement is the rapidity with which a new congregation itself starts another similar church. The modern Church Planting Movement can trace its roots to the mid-nineteenth century when Henry Venn and Rufus Anderson developed the three-self formula of an indigenous missions policy: "they believed that young churches should be self-propagating, self-supporting, and self-governing from their inception.

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  8. Watson and produced thousands of Churches from the beginning of Nineties. This is also the longest surviving rather thriving movement in the world. It has become Movementum now and still producing thousands of Churches.

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    This Movement has impacted many other countries and continues to impact the other parts of India as well. There are three key characteristics of a Church Planting Movement: it reproduces rapidly, multiplying churches, and that the churches are indigenous. There is not a solitary method used to spark a church planting movement. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Center for U. New York: Sheldon, Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, Xenos Christian Fellowship, Worldology, n. Church History. Sociology of Religion. Biblical Training, n.

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    January Retrieved January Diocese of London. Retrieved 8 September Christian Today. Retrieved 6 September Retrieved 4 March Church Planting Solutions, Grand Rapids: Zondervan, God is faithful!

    Why Would a Church Plant a Church?

    Here are a few biblical, church planting principles and practices for us to keep in mind:. Strong Churches: The Jerusalem church was strong before it ventured beyond Jerusalem. The Antioch church appeared to have a strong five-man eldership team before sending two out to plant a church Acts Despite our zeal to plant more churches, we should try not to compromise the fundamental strength of existing churches, as this would probably mean a net reduction of the kingdom of God, rather than a net gain. Local and Global: The Jerusalem church needed a severe jolt persecution to get them engaged beyond the local.

    Antioch needed a weighty prophetic moment to get them doing the same.

    Church planting as Great Commission obedience – London Church Planting Academy

    Many churches need something similar to be galvanized to wider mission! Other churches are prone to imbalance the other way, i. Growth, Not Reshuffling: Reshuffling existing believers from a sending church to a new church is necessary for the start-up, but it is vital that the new church prioritizes evangelism.

    see url Paul stressed that he personally baptized the first converts in the Corinthian church plant 1 Cor. The idea is that you need one group of leaders to lead your church at its current size, another group to cope with increased numbers as your church grows, and another group available to send out to a new church plant. Short, Strengthening Visits: Acts records that, as the new church in Samaria was being planted, Peter and John came from Jerusalem to pray for these new believers to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

    Longer Deployments: As well as making short visits to places, Paul sometimes relocated to a city for several years, which resulted in the planting of many churches.

    Church Planting For Reproduction
    Church Planting For Reproduction
    Church Planting For Reproduction
    Church Planting For Reproduction
    Church Planting For Reproduction
    Church Planting For Reproduction
    Church Planting For Reproduction
    Church Planting For Reproduction
    Church Planting For Reproduction

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